Home Depot and other retail partners get into Power Smart spirit

In store led display full width

Each year, Power Smart works with retailers across B.C. to offer great deals on ENERGY STARĀ® lighting, appliances and electronics. Specialists from our Power Smart teams work closely with our retail partners to ensure that store staff have the info they need to help customers choose the right products.

But some retailers go above and beyond to spread the Power Smart message, creating custom displays and special features in-store to promote Power Smart offers.

Store staff get creative with posters and signage

It isn't just the Power Smart team or our customers that are excited about the latest and greatest LED bulbs or fixtures. At the Home Depot in Langley, lighting specialist Wendy explains that her team are all Power Smart enthusiasts. "We all really believe in it. We are a store that actually walks the talk," she says.

Customers in the Langley store were reminded with special displays that ENERGY STAR bulbs marked with Power Smart special deals don't just save energy; they save money too. In fact, Home Depot locations and other stores across the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island got on board with creating custom displays, ranging from posters to wooden displays built in-store by staff.

Compare lighting options to find one that's right for you

Lighting specialists like Wendy can help you choose the energy-efficient lighting that's right for your needs. By working with Power Smart, they have training and the latest information on new ENERGY STAR bulbs and fixtures. Depending on your space and lighting needs, they can help recommend products to purchase, as well as help identify products that are eligible for special offers.

You can also use our lighting comparison chart [PDF, 117 KB] to find out about the different types of lighting available. ENERGY STAR LEDs, CFLs and halogens have a range of colour temperatures, dimming capabilities and other features, so be sure to select one that meets your needs.

Watch for special Power Smart displays and our Power Smart specialists in stores near you to learn more about ENERGY STAR lighting and other products.

Lighting offers continue until April 15

You can still save big on ENERGY STAR lighting. Special Power Smart deals are available in stores across B.C. until April 15.