Recycle your industrial lighting - it's free in B.C.

Stacked fluorescent bulb ends

It used to cost you to recycle used lamps and ballasts, but not anymore

Energy-efficient lighting doesn't just save energy. Newer lamps and fixtures have much longer lifespans than older-style lighting.

However, every lamp gives out at some point. And since a year ago in B.C., recycling used lighting — including industrial and commercial lighting — is free.

If you're a contractor or relamper, or if you manage an industrial or commercial building, you were often charged a fee for taking lamps and ballasts to a recycler prior to October 2012. Now, the cost of recycling has shifted to the point of purchase, with a recycling fee charged on every lamp, ballast, or fixture manufactured or imported into B.C.

Program at a glance

  • Under the British Columbia Recycling Regulation, recycling for all lamps and lighting fixtures, including those containing PCBs, is available free of charge.
  • In addition to the pre-existing sites for recycling residential lamps and fixtures, there are sites accepting large volumes of lamps from commercial and industrial generators.
  • As well, there is a direct-service pick-up option for businesses that have more than a pallet of lamps to be recycled.
  • To find the nearest drop-off location or pick up service, visit the LightRecycle website.

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