Industrial incentive application now more flexible

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Recent updates to the application website for the Self-serve Incentive Program (SIP) offer more than just interface improvements.

Now, you can use it to find out the estimated incentive amount your energy efficiency project qualifies for before you submit your application. That means better flexibility, and the opportunity to calculate your payback including the incentive and adjust your project if needed.

Change project scope easily, improve your incentive and payback

"Before, a customer had to submit everything as if that project was final and they were ready to move forward with it," says Vinson Lee, with BC Hydro's Industrial Marketing department. "But a lot of times they just wanted to know if the project would make sense, and whether to move forward with it."

Previously, customers would only learn the amount of the project incentive once BC Hydro issued an incentive agreement. The challenge was that once that agreement was set, changes to project scope were difficult to make.

"Now, a customer can create different project scenarios and see which one offers the best outcome, incentive and overall payback," says Lee.

"When it looks good, then the customer can submit it," says Lee. "There's better information for the customer and more flexibility for both the customer and BC Hydro."

SIP updates offers more information, better clarity

Other updates include other helpful new features. Small question marks appear next to key terms throughout the site, offering definitions with a simple click. And customers can easily check the status of projects and determine what needs to happen next.

SIP provides incentives for eligible projects at industrial customer sites using greater than 500 megawatt-hours/year in electricity (about $25,000). Eligible systems include compressed air systems between 40-200 horsepower, and industrial lighting.

Since the program started in January, 2011, there have been 200 eligible projects completed by industrial companies across B.C. Incentives provided by BC Hydro under the Self-serve Incentive Program have totaled $3.5 million, for a total savings of 18.5 gigawatt-hours of electricity per year — enough to power 1,650 B.C. homes.

Are you eligible for SIP? Find out by simply plugging in your BC Hydro account number into the Business Program Eligibility tool.

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