Downtown Vancouver update: electrical vault maintenance getting back on track

Downtown Vancouver

A few months ago, we reminded property owners in Vancouver's downtown core that it's important to ensure your electrical vaults are kept compliant in terms of routine maintenance.

Those who were not compliant were at risk of experiencing a power outage if crews were working in their area. This is due to a WorkSafeBC regulation that prohibits BC Hydro workers from entering a dual radial vault that has fallen behind in its maintenance. (Read all the details about dual radial vault maintenance and why it means possible power disruptions for those buildings.)

Proactive approach is working

BC Hydro has been working with downtown property owners and property managers to ensure all vaults that were behind on their maintenance are getting caught up. As of the beginning of March, there were very few non-compliant customers remaining, with most now scheduled for maintenance.

"We're now contacting customers who will require vault maintenance within the next 3-6 months," says Raj Sharma, BC Hydro manager of key account operations. Timely, proactive communication and planning means maintenance with a certified high voltage contractor can take place in a way that minimizes any impact on building operations.

Reminder: keep 3-year maintenance on your calendar

"We want to thank our customers for working with us to ensure vault compliance," says Sharma. "Still, it is important to remember that this maintenance is required every three years — and without it, we can't enter a building's vault if there is a problem, or if we are working in the area.

"Every property owner and manager should make sure they plan ahead and schedule dual radial vault maintenance before their three-year window is up."

If you would like to obtain a maintenance window, a period of time within which you can schedule maintenance in advance, BC Hydro now has these defined for the next 36 months for every dual radial vault. Or you can wait, and BC Hydro will contact you in a timely manner.