Eco-toy store switches to warm-toned LED lighting

Dilly Dally Kids interior view

LEDs save money and energy — and now they look good too

With an effort to minimize plastic waste and carry sustainable products, the owners of the eco-toy store Dilly Dally Kids, also wanted to operate their business sustainably.

So when Tyler Quantz and his wife opened the East Vancouver business three years ago, they first looked into energy efficient alternatives for the halogen track lighting installed throughout the store. But Quantz found the LED lighting available at the time wasn't aesthetically pleasing.

"I've always wanted to use LED lighting for environmental reasons and for the cost savings," says Quantz, co-owner and self-proclaimed chief yoyo tester. "But we're very particular about lighting and we really wanted a warm light in our store."

Burnt out bulbs and unwanted heat inspire lighting upgrade

After struggling with frequent burnouts and unwanted heat production, it was time for an upgrade to longer lasting and more energy efficient lighting. With help from their electrician, the store replaced three dozen MR16 halogen track lights with LEDs.

The upgrade qualified them for a $312 rebate from BC Hydro, as well as a 10 per cent ($31.20) top up from LiveSmart BC, totalling $343.20. The incentives, combined with the projected annual energy savings of 2,500 kWh per year, give an estimated payback period of 18 months.

New LEDs are warm-toned and don't emit extra heat

Dollar savings are not the only reason Quantz is excited about the new LEDs. He's especially impressed with their warm light.

"I'm amazed at how far they've come," says Quantz. "The light looks identical [to the halogens]. It has a really warm tone."

And the LEDs don't just look good. Quantz is finding that they address all the issues that drove the his decision to go with new lighting:

  • Cost savings
  • A reduction inthe store's environmental impact
  • An end to constant bulb burnouts
  • Elimination of unwanted heat.

Energy-efficient lighting just part of store's sustainability

The staff at Dilly Dally Kids takes care to recycle efficiently, so there's almost zero waste. They also turn off unnecessary electronics and source products with minimal plastic packaging.

"We're always looking for ways to lessen our environmental impact," says Quantz.