Satisfied Current readers still want "more tips"

Vinson Lee, Power Smart Industrial Marketing

Vinson Lee
Power Smart industrial marketing

Current industrial eNewsletter subscribers like you have made it clear that while you see great value in the newsletter, you still want to see more energy-saving tips.

That's exactly the kind of information we at Power Smart were looking for when we asked you to complete the survey. And we thank you all for taking part in the survey — including the three winners of our random prize draw — and helping us make the newsletter better.

Here are a few things we learned from the survey:

  • Most Current readers continue to be satisfied with the survey;
  • Readers have learned the most about calculating life cycle costs and knowing how to apply for Power Smart programs and incentives;
  • A third of Current readers have been getting the newsletter for more than two years, but about 40% have subscribed only in the past year.

A big appetite for tips and incentives

While we've increased our focus on energy-saving tips and information about Power Smart incentives and programs, you still want more. So we'll work hard to deliver more of what you want.

Meanwhile, we're really pleased that overall readership has increased by 28 per cent. We see that as proof that our decision to focus more on customers without Key Account Managers, while still providing some help for those with KAMs, is proving popular.

In case you missed it, our top stories

While a question about specific stories wasn't in our survey, we closely track traffic to newsletter stories all year long. Here are our top five most popular stories over the past year — you may want to read them if you missed any.

And our random draw winners are...

Congratulations to the winners of a random draw of survey respondents. Christopher Chan, Dinesh Naidu, and Karen Redden each received a $250 gift card to their choice of The Bay, Future Shop, or Canadian Tire.

Vinson Lee is a product development specialist with BC Hydro Power Smart industrial marketing.