Hotel switches to LED lighting, cuts electricity bill by $1,800

 LED lights bulb

With four light bulbs per guest room and more in common rooms and staff areas, a lighting upgrade for the Best Western Plus Uptown Hotel was going to be a big job. And expensive.

"Energy conservation is part of our work on our Green Key commitment," says Rick Sair, general manager for the property on Kingsway in Vancouver and the King George Inn in Surrey. The Green Key Eco-Rating Program is a recognition system for hotels that are working to improve their environmental performance.

"So we would have upgraded the lighting even without an incentive from BC Hydro," says Sair. "But it would have been done over a long period of time. There's no way we could have made a clean sweep and had all those lights done at once without the Product Incentive Program."

LEDs cut electricity bill and save on replacement costs

Sair replaced 332 incandescent bulbs (40w-60w) with LED screw-in bulbs, upgrading lighting throughout guest rooms and back-of-house areas. The project qualified for an incentive of $9,960 from BC Hydro.

Now, the hotel's energy efficiency has improved, saving enough energy to power nearly two B.C. homes and cutting electricity bills by an estimated $1,793 per year. Maintenance costs are down too: only one bulb has had to be replaced since last fall.

Better environmental management

Sair says improving the hotel's energy performance is important to the company's customers, who want to know what the business is doing in terms of environmental management. And he says completing the upgrade was easy.

"We learned about the program through Power Smart, and then our lighting supplier helped us through the process," says Sair. "It was a phenomenal opportunity, to have help with the upfront cost of the bulbs, and then have less energy cost on every bulb from then on."

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