Holiday card celebrates tradition, supports Power Pioneers

Image of B.C. Electric Scotch Shortcake recipe, 2013 Power Pioneers holiday card

Special holiday recipes from our families, for you to share with yours

For many of us, the holidays are a time for traditions, especially when it comes to baking. When my family gets together during the festive season, there are a few recipes for sweet treats that absolutely must make it onto the table.

Another beloved holiday tradition? Sending cards and letters to friends and family.

Here at BC Hydro, both traditions are coming together this year with our annual holiday card, in support of the Power Pioneers. To celebrate the holiday season, we're taking a look back — way back — to some of the most traditional holiday recipes out there, from our very own archives.

Good taste is timeless, thanks to good recipes

This year's e-card features a holiday treat from BC Hydro's history: a delicious recipe from a page out of the 1965 BC Hydro Home Service Christmas Cheer cookbook. Generations of families have enjoyed these tried, tested and true favourites, such as Scotch Shortcake and Simple Chocolate Fudge.

"This theme is a tribute to Bea Miller who led the Home Service Department and is one of the many builders of BC Hydro," said Lorne Nelson, Power Pioneers Provincial President. "As good recipes will last forever, we are pleased to share these with you in memory of Bea."

BC Hydro's former Home Service department (circa 1917 to the 1970s) ran cooking schools and appliance demonstrations in an effort to educate the public on the uses of electricity. The employees focused their efforts on developing recipes, contests and ads for electrical appliances, as well as ads urging people to use the cheap electricity. Each December, employees from the Home Service department would publish Christmas recipes in Intercom, BC Hydro's employee magazine at the time.

Make the recipe your own with a modern twist

Although the Home Service test kitchen no longer operates, families still gather today to bake these favourite holiday recipes in their own kitchens. This year, I'm eyeing the Cherry Surprise Balls. But I think I'll make a few modern tweaks to this retro recipe — grinding the almonds finer with my food processor, adding some almond extract, and maybe swapping out real preserved cherries for the maraschinos.

Send a holiday recipe and greeting to your loved ones

We've got three delicious holiday greetings that you can send to friends and family this year.

Celebrate the holidays and support the Power Pioneers by choosing one — and maybe bake up a holiday tradition or two yourself. Choose a recipe below and download the PDF to send this year's e-card:

Since 2007, BC Hydro's e-cards have helped to raise more than $75,000 for the BC Children's Hospital Foundation.

This year, BC Hydro will be donating up to $15,000 to BC Children's Hospital Foundation in support of the Power Pioneers' Miracle Million Campaign. Join us in donating to the campaign at