Power Smart Alliance: your energy-efficiency experts

It can be hard to prioritize energy efficiency when you have limited time, a facility to run, and you're not sure what qualifies for incentives. The good news? Working with a member of the Power Smart Alliance makes the whole process easier.

Meet the Power Smart Alliance

The Power Smart Alliance is a network of professionals registered with BC Hydro. Alliance members are recognized experts in energy efficiency, and they're well-versed in the incentive offerings from BC Hydro Power Smart. The Power Smart Alliance (PSA) includes a variety of professionals, from engineering consultants to distributors to manufacturers, involved in the industrial supply chain.

Members bring quality control, extra value

Companies in the PSA are screened to ensure they meet WorkSafeBC requirements and carry liability insurance. Distributors are questioned about their experience working with industrial companies, and consultants are asked to show proof of energy efficiency work, which is evaluated by Power Smart to ensure appropriate expertise.

New consultants go through a thorough orientation, says Bill Atamanchuk, manager of the industrial Power Smart Alliance. "We explain Power Smart, and how things work, then we show them what we need to see in a study." A Power Smart study done at your site is the extra value you receive when working with a member of the Power Smart Alliance.

Choose from list of qualified PSA members

BC Hydro doesn't endorse or recommend specific consultants or products, but by working with a Power Smart Alliance member, you're assured they've passed strict Power Smart criteria. The Power Smart Alliance offers a database of all the registered members. "We can look them up by specialty [i.e. compressed air] and by industry sector," says Atamanchuk.

Customers who work with the PSA will receive three or four names of suitable and qualified PSA members to the customer, and choose who they want to work with.

Easy access to incentives

For companies using the Self-Serve Incentive Program (SIP), Alliance members are the best way to access incentives for project funding. Atamanchuk says that's the number one reason to work with a PSA member — they know all the best practices and how to apply for Power Smart incentives.

Members go to the customer's facility, monitor the existing equipment, and advise the customer how much energy could be saved with a more energy-efficient model. If the customer chooses to proceed, the Power Smart Alliance member assists with the SIP application process and submits the supporting documentation. When the project is complete, the customer gets a cheque.

"Basically, we want our customers to know that with the Power Smart Alliance, you've got people who can help you," says Atamanchuk. "You can talk to your contractor, talk to your supplier, and ask if they're an Alliance member. If they say they are, they should be able to help you save energy, and get incentives to help with that."

How to find a member of the Power Smart Alliance