Online billing is good for business - and the environment

2017 update: BC Hydro electricity rates for Large General Service (LGS) customers and Medium General Service (MGS) changed as of April 1, 2017. LGS and MGS customers are all charged under simpler, flat rates with no tiered pricing for energy and demand charges.

The online Baseline and Forecaster tools are no longer required to estimate customer electricity costs and will be removed from MyHydro.

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Know what you're using, see your consumption history, forecast your future costs, and share billing information easily. These are the benefits of accessing your BC Hydro account online — an easy service you can set up today.

"Online accounts have tools to help businesses understand their energy consumption and costs, and how to lower them," says Shannon Shackerley-Bennett, a program manager with BC Hydro's customer experience team. There are many reasons to make the switch to online, including monitoring your electricity consumption, unlimited access to billing information, and increased sustainability. And if you have multiple accounts, you can register them all under a single online Profile for even easier account management.

Tools: Forecast your energy costs

Online accounts also have access to valuable energy cost and consumption tools. Some of the most popular are the forecasting tools that help businesses understand and manage their Conservation Rates (Large General Service or Medium General Service). Access the forecasting tools through the Forecasts Tab within Your Account.

The High-level Forecaster calculates your annual energy costs based on increased or decreased consumption. There's also a detailed Forecaster that creates customized projections of your monthly energy costs that you can download or print, then share. Shackerley-Bennett explains, "If you believe your business could save 5% of its electricity use, the tool will estimate your monthly energy costs based on your actual consumption history. You can easily see the potential savings from your conservation efforts."

Information: View your account balance from anywhere, any time

Another valuable feature is the accessibility of the information. Energy bills can be shared across the company and anyone registered on the account can view the account balance or consumption data at any time. The online account can have multiple viewers and administrators, so when the bill comes in, everyone who needs to can see it. This is especially useful where the service location is different from the mailing address. "A paper bill might arrive and sit in someone's inbox in Vancouver," says Shackerley-Bennett, "but the person who needs to look at the consumption information is in Prince George. With an online account, people in offices across the province can view it."

Account holders can also download their consumption history. Analyzing the peaks and valleys of energy use over a billing period can help manage electrical consumption. You can even view and download historical billing and payment information to keep track of which payments have been made, when, and for what amount.

BC Hydro commercial customers can also use electronic funds transfer (EFT) to pay their bills. EFT is a convenient way to make payments and avoid the time needed to create, process and send multiple cheque payments.

Go green: Online transactions support sustainability

The advantages of switching to online billing extend beyond convenience. Paperless billing reduces greenhouse gas emissions because the bills don't need to be transported, and it saves the natural resources required for envelopes and paper bills. The account management tools make it easier to assess consumption patterns and reduce energy use.

And don't forget to let your employees know that online is better at home, too. Residential customers also save resources by going paperless, and residential account holders have access to useful tools and can change their account to a new residence using the online moving function. Providing information about an easy way to change your BC Hydro service is one small way that companies can help their employees manage the extra effort required when moving.

For more information, including videos about various online tools, choose the account type that's appropriate for your company: