FortisBC joins BC Hydro in providing incentives for new home efficiency


BC Hydro and FortisBC are giving B.C. builders and developers more good reasons to add energy efficiency to their builds. In addition to co-funding the incentives available from BC Hydro's Power Smart New Home Program, FortisBC is adding several natural gas technologies that will qualify for incentives as well.

"We haven't had an incentive for water heaters until now," says Beth Ringdahl, manager of residential programs for FortisBC. "Now we have several. And the incentive for EnerChoice fireplaces, which was only available for retrofits before, will now be available for new construction."

The new incentives include:

  • EnerChoice fireplace: $300
  • ENERGY STAR® water heater technologies:
    • $500 for condensing tankless and hybrid water heater technologies
    • $400 for non-condensing tankless water heater
    • $200 for 0.67 EF [energy factor] storage tanks
    • $1,000 for condensing storage tanks

"There are very few of the last two types of tanks in use in B.C. so far," says Ringdahl. "In fact, we're seeking builders' help to introduce the 0.67 EF storage tanks. Interested builders can contact us."

Power Smart, FortisBC offer incentives to EG80-rated homes

FortisBC will also join BC Hydro in its current offer to builders who achieve a minimum EG80 (EnerGuide 80) rating on new builds: $200 per townhome and $2,000 per single family home. The incentive is the same for builders, but FortisBC's contribution means that more resources will be available to help them access the funding. Teams from FortisBC will join BC Hydro to communicate the program across the province.

Doug Overholt, program representative for BC Hydro's Power Smart New Home Program, agrees. Adding FortisBC's team not only makes it easier to access the incentives, but offers builders additional technical expertise to evaluate the best energy-efficient options, he says.

For more information, please contact Doug Overholt at 604 929 7408.