Current eNewsletter survey says... more tips please

A story in last August's Current eNewsletter featured Doug Tracey (left) and Ron Gorman of Gorman Bros. Lumber Ltd., which implemented energy-efficiency projects resulting in large savings.

Nearly 40% of respondents are saving energy, and nearly all want more help

The Current eNewsletter is helping B.C.'s industrial companies reduce energy use. Our recent survey asked readers how Current has influenced energy management in their organizations.

Here's what they said:

  • 60% of readers have an increased awareness of the benefits of energy efficiency,
  • 42% have participated in a Power Smart program,
  • and 39% have implemented energy saving practices.

Those are pretty impressive results.

"The goal of Power Smart's Industrial program is to help B.C.'s industrial companies reduce energy waste — so they can cut costs, and in turn improve their profitability and competitiveness," says Nancy Adams, campaign manager for Industrial Marketing. "It's great to see that the eNewsletter is supporting them in reaching these goals."

What was the survey about?

Improving energy efficiency is a process that takes time, information, and incentive. So it's also good to note that more than 50% of Current's readership has been subscribed for more than a year, indicating that the newsletter adds value over time.

The annual survey is part of our efforts to keep Current relevant to our readers and to continue to help industrial companies save energy.

"The survey helps us tailor the content to readers' needs," says Adams. "For example, 85% of respondents say they would like more stories about energy efficiency best practices and tips — so we'll be beefing up our coverage in that area."

This year, the four key goals for the survey were:

  1. To identify the best frequency and depth of content for the newsletter. The resounding answer is monthly. Current will continue with a near-monthly schedule of 10 issues per year.
  2. To determine customer satisfaction levels and watch for trends. "The satisfaction levels are high," comments Adams. "And people think the articles communicate clearly and effectively. We will work to keep articles concise and easy to digest — we know our readers are busy people!"
  3. To identify best format for stories: how/when/where readers like to access the newsletter. Most readers view the newsletter at a computer, though some prefer mobile devices.
  4. And, to identify key types of content for newsletter by better understanding our readers' level of awareness, participation, and understanding of energy management. "Readers responded that they would like more stories that will help them identify opportunities for efficiency in their operations, vs. stories that explain the benefits," says Adams. "This is great; we're seeing that customers are understanding the benefits now, and are asking for more detail to move forward."

"We're really pleased to see that Current is helping customers make changes — and save money," says Adams.

In addition to increased content on best practices, readers can watch for upcoming stories on identifying efficiency opportunities, programs and incentives, and information on putting the new BC Hydro Conservation Rate to work for your business. Meanwhile, thanks to all who took the time to provide some feedback — and congratulations to Lisa Robert, Tony Jay, and Dean Demick, our 2012 Current eNewsletter survey draw winners. Each winner received a $250 gift card to their choice of The Bay, Future Shop, or Home Depot.