'A huge gift': Lumby seniors save through BC Hydro program


Assistance program delivers efficiency upgrades, plus some new fridges

Bobbi Fetterly-Keehn first learned about BC Hydro's Energy Conservation Assistance Program for non-profit housing providers when she started working for the Lumby and District Senior Citizens Housing Society.

Fetterly-Keehn couldn't ignore the money and energy saving benefits the program offered to non-profit housing providers and their tenants. Now the housing society's Saddle Mountain Place is using money saved to make improvements to other areas of the facility and helping their tenants keep their electricity bills low.

"It was an amazing opportunity," says Fetterly-Keehn. "Saddle Mountain Place is 35 years old and needed improvements. The installation of energy-efficient products is helping tenants to save money on their electricity bills."

How it works

Last March, contractors working with BC Hydro set up appointments with tenants in the 40 independent living units to evaluate their energy use. All of the units depend on electricity for heat and hot water.

In just one week, contractors completed all the evaluations and based on the results, installed a range of energy-efficient products — all free of charge. The energy-saving products installed included energy saving light bulbs, water-saving showerheads, weather stripping and faucet aerators.

Some tenants also received brand new ENERGY STAR® refrigerators, which use about half the energy of fridges made before 1993.

"It's just a huge gift," says Fetterly-Keehn. "We would have had to replace the fridges ourselves. Our tenants were really pleased and happy with all the changes."

Want to find out more?

Non-profit housing organizations with multiple affordable housing units can participate at no cost to them or their tenants. Eligible tenants must meet income-qualfication and minimum consumption criteria. Learn more.