Compressed Air Challenge targets efficiency and savings

It's a simple fact: compressed air is expensive, and using it inefficiently can be costly. A single leak, just 1/4 inch in diameter at 100 psi, will cost you more than $6,000 per year in electricity!

If you want to get serious about improving compressed air efficiency, one of the best places to start is with the Compressed Air Challenge. Founded in 1997, the organization is a voluntary collaboration of companies, manufacturers, consultants, researchers, and utilities, including BC Hydro. Its single goal is to help companies improve the performance of their compressed air systems.

The Compressed Air Challenge offers regular training programs aimed at improving knowledge about compressed air efficiency. The organization does not promote specific products, focusing instead on helping users develop a systems approach to improved efficiency and increased profits.

Interested parties can also host a training session. The effort tends to pay off: those who attend a CAC training session typically enjoy improved system reliability and reduce compressed air costs by 17%.

The organization also offers a 300 page best practices manual, available for purchase and download, and a online library that includes case studies and tip sheets. Finally, there are downloadable tools that support compressed air efficiency efforts.