Power Smart Excellence Awards: How to get there for 2014

2012 Power Smart Excellence Awards Winners
2012 Power Smart Leaders and Leadership Excellence Award Winners

We're here to help your business claim the spotlight at the next awards

They strategized and compared options. They got employees on board to make change. They invested in better technology. And last month, the highest achievers in energy efficiency in B.C. were recognized as winners of a 2012 Power Smart Excellence Award.

So what's the value of that recognition? Should your company think about taking a run at a future award?

Differentiation in the market

Winning an award — or even being recognized as a finalist — is an excellent way to differentiate, says Janet Ruzycki, head of commercial sector key accounts.

"I don't know of one organization that's not concerned about operating efficiency, whether they're commercial, institutional or industrial," she says. "They all focus on driving costs down and minimizing the impact of future cost increases. What the awards do is recognize our best-in-class, energy-efficient business customers."

Winners receive access to an online toolkit from BC Hydro to help promote their award, a benefit Ruzycki says companies take advantage of.

"We've seen winners use the recognition to help position themselves in the marketplace," she says. "Since we hear a lot about greenwashing these days, it makes receiving recognition from a third party such as BC Hydro much more meaningful."

A "well-managed" organization

Ruzycki says another benefit of being a finalist or winner comes from being recognized for operational excellence — whatever sector the organization is from.

"This is one indicator of a well-managed business, whether you're targeting new tenants within commercial property management space, or you just want to be known for your ability to manage controllable costs," she says.

For public companies, it's valuable information to promote to shareholders. For public sector organizations, it demonstrates that taxpayers' money is being carefully used. Either way, "It basically sends the message that you're running the business very well," says Ruzycki.

Career development

For some, the awards offer a personal feather in the cap. Energy managers who are recognized with a Power Smart Excellence Award, or operational staff whose companies achieve recognition, boost their resumes and demonstrate that they understand the leading edge of energy efficiency.

"The whole field of [energy efficiency] practice has really ramped up over the past few years," says Ruzycki. "Winning an award shows that you've been working at the leading edge."

Set your sights on 2014

The next Power Smart Excellence Awards will take place in 2014 — ample time to get started on energy efficiency projects that will move your organization into the winners' circle. With experience working with business and institutional customers across the province, BC Hydro has a wealth of knowledge to help you move ahead.

"As the awards are communicated, we find that more and more customers will be contacting their key account managers and asking, 'How do I get there?'" says Ruzycki. "So we're here to help with that.

"We have a lot of resources and a lot of experience at the customer's disposal. We can certainly help them get there if that's what they want to do."

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