Twisted Cork restaurant saves $660 a year on a dishwasher


Power Smart incentive helps Prince George eatery upgrade its energy efficiency

When a cleaning products supplier told restaurateur Chris Angus that he could get a new dishwasher with a rebate that would cover almost all the cost, he didn't really believe it.

"I was a bit hesitant, a bit skeptical," says the owner and Executive Chef of the Twisted Cork restaurant in Prince George. "But then I did some research, and found out it was true."

Within a few weeks, the Twisted Cork had a brand new dishwasher, and Angus had a rebate cheque from BC Hydro.

"We really needed a new dishwasher," says Angus. "It was the next thing on our purchasing list, because we were putting parts into the old one left, right and centre. It's just that they're so expensive, around $5,000-$8,000 each."

The Twisted Cork received an incentive of $4,804 for their dishwasher installation. Plus, the business will see impressive year-over-year savings. Compared to the old dishwasher, the new one saves enough energy to power an average B.C. home – cutting the Twisted Cork's electricity bill by about $660 per year.

"I had no idea you could save so much money on energy with just one single appliance," says Angus.

Next up, lights

 Angus is now working on replacing lights (using BC Hydro incentives, of course) and saving even more electricity.

And, like last year, the Twisted Cork will take part in the annual Candlelight Conservation Dinner to help promote energy efficiency.

With a menu that emphasizes B.C. wines plus "proteins and produce from as close to home as we can get it," Angus says it just makes sense to help BC Hydro save energy.

"It feels good when you notice that your energy bill is a little lower," he says. "And getting the incentive was great – as a new restaurant, we're just not at that point financially where we could easily do these upgrades.

"It helps that BC Hydro recognized if we switched our dishwasher it would save us money and save them energy at the same time."