Managing energy costs just got easier for industrial customers

2017 update: BC Hydro electricity rates for Large General Service (LGS) customers and Medium General Service (MGS) changed as of April 1, 2017. LGS and MGS customers are all charged under simpler, flat rates with no tiered pricing for energy and demand charges.

The online Baseline and Forecaster tools are no longer required to estimate customer electricity costs and will be removed from MyHydro.

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Nina Winham

BC Hydro has created new online tools to help industrial customers manage energy costs and make the most of the Large General Service (LGS) Conservation Rate.

The LGS Conservation Rate gives you an increased financial incentive to conserve electricity. The way you are charged for electricity is split into two parts – the first for your baseline, or average historic energy use, and the second for the difference between your actual usage and your baseline.

You get a credit when you use less than your baseline, and a charge when you use more. A portion of this credit or charge is priced to more closely reflect BC Hydro's cost of new electricity supply.

Your baselines online

Understanding your baselines is the first step in managing your energy costs. To view your available 2011 baselines, log in or register your account and click on the ‘Baselines' tab on your account summary page. Click the '2011 Details' bar to see how your baselines were calculated.

Forecast the future

The LGS Forecasters allow you to estimate your future energy costs and see the financial impact of your conservation efforts.

The High-Level Forecaster lets you quickly see the impact of an increase or decrease in your total annual usage. The Detailed Forecaster allows you to change usage in each month to estimate your annual energy costs. To get started, click the 'Forecasts' tab on your account summary page.

"The new Forecasters have been designed to make budgeting and forecasting as easy as possible by automatically using each customer's baselines and past usage information. Customers simply estimate their future annual or monthly energy usage and the tool produces an annual forecast of energy costs under the new rate structure," says Maureen Black, BC Hydro Manager of Business Conservation Rates. "The tools will help customers budget for their energy costs and see how reductions in energy use can affect their bottom line."

To budget on a monthly basis, you can continue to use the LGS Basic Energy Budgeting Tool [MS Excel, 707 Kb] available on the LGS Home Page. This tool has been updated to reflect the latest rate forecasts.

Are you affected by the new rate?

You have an LGS account if:

  • You have an annual peak demand greater than or equal to 150 kilowatts (kW) –or
  • You have annual energy usage greater than 550,000 kilowatt hours (kWh)

LGS accounts are on rate schedules 1600, 1601, 1610 and 1611.

Nina Winham is a Vancouver-based sustainability consultant and frequent contributor to and the Current Industrial eNewsletter.

Source: BC Hydro News