Message to customers from outgoing BC Hydro President and CEO Dave Cobb

Dave Cobb confirmed Wednesday that he's resigning from his position as President and CEO of BC Hydro.

Dear Customers,

As you may know, I have confirmed that I am stepping down as President and CEO of BC Hydro to accept a senior position with The Jim Pattison Group.

While I would welcome the opportunity to continue meeting the challenges and opportunities inherent in my role, I’ve been presented with an unexpected, once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity with another iconic B.C. company that I simply could not pass up.

BC Hydro helped build our province and has a great future. We are taking bold steps to make big reinvestments in our assets to meet the growing demand for power in B.C. We have a solid foundation to become among the most cost effective and efficient power utilities in North America and are positioned to continue to keep rates low while meeting the current and future electricity needs for British Columbians.

As our valued customers, you remain in excellent hands with a world class board of directors and an executive team. And of course, you will continue to be well served on a daily basis by our employees throughout B.C. who work tirelessly to safely and reliably deliver your power every day and will continue with their unwavering commitment to you.

BC Hydro has a proud history which I grew to truly appreciate in my time as CEO. It has a bright, proud future and I’ve truly been honoured to lead the team during such an exciting and important time in our history.

Yours truly,

Dave Cobb