Current eNewsletter survey: Industrial customers speak

Responses to BC Hydro Power Smart's recent Current eNewsletter reader survey will enable Power Smart to further improve this popular Industrial email newsletter.

Below, we look at what the survey told us, and what we plan to do about it.

"The newsletter has really high satisfaction scores across the board," says Edward van Dam, BC Hydro's manager of Research and Library Services, who conducted the survey. "Readers like the content, the story length, and the clarity of communications, and people are sticking with the subscription and reading regularly."

Survey says...

Fifty-seven percent of respondents say they read the newsletter regularly, and another 14% read occasionally. (Nineteen percent were reading for the first time.)

A high portion of respondents (89%) say they are very or somewhat familiar with BC Hydro Power Smart's conservation mandate. And asked about their engagement with respect to energy management, two thirds say their organization is "doing quite a bit" or is  "fully engaged."

"It's important to keep engagement," says van Dam. "Engagement will determine the success of a program. Providing information showing that conservation is not that hard to do usually provides motivation to others."

When asked what Current could provide more of, Power Smart information and energy management case studies topped the list, giving Current editors ideas for future issues. Watch for more in-depth project content that will help customers understand the process steps involved in the Power Smart Industrial program and its various initiatives.

Most readers (68%) view Current via their desktop email (e.g. Outlook), with another 21% using webmail. This makes it easy to share the newsletter with colleagues – especially since we introduced the new "Forward to a Friend" feature in May's issue.

We hope that if you like what you're reading, you'll help us spread the word.

"What we know from other newsletters and typical communications programs, is that if readers aren't satisfied, they either let you know, or they unsubscribe," says van Dam. "With the high satisfaction scores for Current, the challenge now is keeping it up, keeping the stories fresh and relevant."

If you didn't get a chance to complete the survey, but you have comments, suggestions, or a story idea, please let us know. Meanwhile, thanks to all who took the time to provide some feedback – and congratulations to Tom Schmidt, our 2011 Current eNewsletter survey draw winner. Tom wins a $100 gift certificate for The Bay.

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