BC Business magazine and Power Smart showcase industrial leaders

Brenco Industries president Steve Hiem, operations manager Chris Moore, and plant manager Alan Massender. The company estimates it will save of $13,000 per year with an ROI of 13 months by simply changing light bulbs.

This month, BC Business magazine and BC Hydro Power Smart are putting a spotlight on industrial companies blazing the trail to the future.

They're reducing waste, cutting costs, and improving competitiveness. Most importantly, these companies are helping define the energy efficiency tools and practices that will help B.C. industry – and the province – continue to thrive.

"This campaign recognizes B.C. industrial companies who are reaping the many benefits of energy waste reduction," says Nancy Adams, industrial program manager for BC Hydro. "Our goal is to share their stories so other industrial companies in B.C. can see what they've done, realize the potential, and follow their lead."

Sector stars in the spotlight

The companies include representatives from pulp and paper, wood products, mining, chemical, manufacturing, food and beverage, cement, oil and gas.

They've implemented efficiency improvements that are saving them thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars annually – and that have improved their performance and their competitiveness.

For example:

  • In the five months since Brenco Metal Processing & Fabricating switched to more efficient lighting and lighting operation, they have realized a 16 percent drop in power consumption;
  • By focussing on refrigeration and lighting, Freybe Gourmet Foods is hitting its target of a 20% reduction in electricity use at its Langley plant;
  • After a study determined that B.C.'s mining sector could potentially achieve 400 gigawatt hours in savings, Power Smart has worked with the Mining Association of BC to place energy managers at seven different mine sites across B.C.

"The stories these companies tell tangibly demonstrate their commitment to reducing waste and the environment," says Adams. "They also show how much value there is for the companies internally in taking these steps.

"We're very proud of the results these organizations have achieved and continue to achieve. And we're proud to have played our part in their achievements."

Your turn to lead... and save

BC Hydro's Power Smart Industrial Program provides a suite of initiatives to help companies get started on energy efficiency, no matter what their needs.

From performing a plant-wide energy audit to financial incentives for projects and from hiring an energy manager to providing tips on engaging employees, the program offers funding and expertise that puts companies on the path to significant savings.

"Using energy wisely is one of the ways that will keep B.C.'s industrial sector healthy, and overall energy costs low," says Adams. "So we want companies to be inspired by these leadership examples, for sure.

Most of all, though, we want them to realize how much can be done, and that we're here with a lot of different ways to help. There's no reason not to get started on energy efficiency, and bring these benefits to your own bottom line."

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