Online game adds fun (and prizes) to tips on workplace efficiency

Play the online game, learn a few things and enter to win a cool prize

It's nearly time to leave the office. Suddenly, your regional manager tells you to cut energy waste by turning everything off before you go home.

You race the clock, turning off all lights, power bars, computers, photocopiers and more.

That could be a scene from a real office, but in this case, it's the setting for a new online game from BC Hydro. Try the 5PM Sprint and see how well you do – and get entered in a draw for daily prizes!

You can walk, crawl and jump to get those energy savings. But look out for office hazards – spinning chairs, chatty coworkers and overactive photocopiers. And keep your eyes peeled for cups of coffee – grab ‘em as you go to get an extra java boost.

If you play this game you'll get switched on to all the places you can find (and stop) energy waste in your office. What's more, it's fun. (And did we mention those prizes?)

And don't worry about your boss walking by. Just pause the game and you'll be taken care of.