Team Power Smart hits 210,000-member target

Thanks in part to monthly contests, British Columbians including 2010 Winter Games tickets winner Jo-Ann Stone joined Team Power Smart and committed to cutting their electricity consumption by 10% or more.

Posted by Simi Heer

When we first announced our ambitious plan to recruit 210,000 members to Team Power Smart by the end of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, we knew it would be a challenge, but it was a challenge we were all up for.

After more than a year, we have finally hit and quickly surpassed our goal – more than 210,000 British Columbians have signed up for Team Power Smart and have made a commitment to reduce their electricity use by 10%. And the potential energy savings from this could be significant.

If 210,000 customers actually reduce their consumption by 10%, we would save 92 gigawatt hours of electricity. That’s enough to power an additional 8,300 homes annually.

The next step and big challenge for BC Hydro is to keep the team members engaged and active in their conservation efforts. There are many tools built into the Team Power Smart program to do just that.

For example, customers get access to practical conservation tips and interactive tools like the conservation calculator that calculates your home’s conservation potential. In addition, if you connect your BC Hydro bill to your Team Power Smart account, you can track your consumption month-over-month and compare your progress to similar households.

Members of Team Power Smart are also offered incentives to keep them motivated and on-track, including monthly contests. For example, leading up to the 2010 Winter Games, we gave away numerous tickets to Olympic events (including tickets to the men’s and women’s gold medal hockey games). There are also exclusive coupons not only for rebates on the purchase of energy-efficient products but also for discounts at businesses like Spa Utopia and The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.

As a thank you to those account-holding Team Power Smart members who actually reduce their consumption by 10 per cent over a year, there is also a $75 reward.

Although we have met our initial goal, there is still a lot of work to do. We are working to meet 50% of new electricity demand through conservation by 2020 and we need help from all of our customers to meet that target.  So if you haven’t already joined the team, I encourage you to do so. There is still a lot of room on the bench.

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