Victoria man recycles two inefficient TVs, wins $100

Victoria’s Terry Horne gets a $100 Visa gift card from BC Hydro Outreach rep Claire Jean for recycling two inefficient televisions at his local Return-It depot.

Victoria's Terry Horne got rid of two old, energy-sucking TVs and is considering buying a new ENERGY STAR® model. And he has $100 to put toward that, or any other purchase, he's interested in.

Earlier this year, BC Hydro Power Smart's TV Recycling Contest encouraged customers to take their unused televisions to the nearest Return-It location, and to enter to win a $100 Visa Gift Card by filling out a survey that aimed to gather valuable feedback from our customers about TV recycling.  The survey asked participants a variety of questions, including where they heard about the contest, why recycling unused televisions is beneficial, and whether or not they would encourage their friends and family to recycle their unused TVs as well.

Horne won the contest when he entered while recycling two of his inefficient TVs. He  won a $100 Visa Gift Card for his visit to a Return-It location, and for expanding on his ideas about why recycling unused electronics is a great initiative. 

According to Terry, both of his TVs were “old and burned a lot of electricity,” which is why he decided to bring them to the recycling depot. Knowing that his televisions “didn’t go into the dump” and that recycling depots are able to “extract harmful substances…and dispose of them properly” made Terry feel great about removing his old TVs from his home. 

Why recycling TVs matters

Not only can recycling your old, unused televisions save energy and the environment, it can also save you money. 

BC Hydro estimates that there are more than 300,000 unused televisions in homes across B.C. Unused TVs are the third and fourth televisions in the home that are plugged in, rarely used and drawing standby power. These televisions often use energy even when turned off, energy used to support channel settings and remote control functions.

By recycling your unused television, you can keep it off your bill and out of the landfill.

BC Hydro Power Smart has partnered with electronics retailers across the province to promote the most energy efficient ENERGY STAR televisions.  Look for televisions identified with ‘Save More Energy’ messaging that use at least 50% less energy than a standard model*.

For more information about electronics recycling, or to find the nearest Return-It location, visit Return-It or check out our Home Electronics information and offers page.