The people behind the New Home program

The Power Smart New Home Program is here to ensure builders, developers and homeowners have access to the technologies, products and practices that create energy efficiency.

In market since 2006, the program has been involved in literally thousands of projects ranging in size from small to massive multi-unit developments.In each case, however, the mandate of the program has been the same: Develop a quality partnership with the builder, create value for the builder, and provide the homebuyer with the assurance they are buying a quality, comfortable, energy-efficient home that will generate lower operating costs for the lifetime of the home.

Builders and developers already participating in the program are well aware of the benefits of the program. Power Smart makes recommendations on building with energy efficiency in mind, and provides financial incentives to use high-quality, energy efficient appliances and technologies. With a Certified EnerGuide rating and Power Smart label, the home has a great marketing advantage and brand differentiation.

Although numerous people can be involved in a project, the core team consists of:

Steve Connelly, Program Manager

Involved from the concept stage through to completion of marketing programs, Steve’s role includes program development and management of program delivery.

Doug Overholt/Barb MacLean, contract resources for Power Smart New Home Program

Doug and Barb act as the field liaison for Power Smart with builders and developers. Doug and Barb promote the program to builders and developers, assist them with their applications and work closely with the certified energy advisors, introducing new builders to the program.

Brook Thalgott, Marketing Product Delivery Specialist

Working with the marketing plan for each program, Brook is responsible for implementing the marketing plan, key promotional activities and customer inquiries.

Carly Fryer, Product Delivery Specialist

New participants' applications are processed by Carly, who also ensures all technologies and ENERGY STAR Appliance packages are delivered on site.

Jeffery Chiu, Manager, Product Marketing Team

Jeffery and his group work with the Canadian Home Builders Association to promote and present programs to builders and developers. They are the "front line" of the program, and if you're a builder in B.C., you'll likely meet Jeffery or one of his following team members: Eric Beever-Potts,Ben Gardiner, David Mosure, Chris Hannah, Myles Gregory.