Actor Kreuk walks the talk on conservation


Timothy Yu

Although it's been a few years since she was Superman's girlfriend on the hit show Smallville, Kristin Kreuk is still doing a lot of flying around – albeit less conspicuously than in the arms of the man of steel.

In fact, she has a hard time remembering everywhere she's been as she laughs and rattles off a list of diverse destinations including L.A., Turkey, New York, London, Syria, and Germany. Kristin is no longer just an actress, but has expanded out in all different directions. When she's not in the focus of a camera lens for a film or TV show or music video, she can be found working as a producer, posing as a model, or garnishing support in the community for her website project Girls by Design.

Despite her obviously hectic schedule, Kristin still promotes sustainability and energy conservation. As a veteran Team Power Smart leader, Kristin has kept up with the latest energy saving tips and techniques.

Although she has recently moved, Kristin's previous Vancouver home was an old 1905 heritage house, which was both beautiful and an energy saving nightmare. With lots of leaky drafts from bad insulation and windows, outdated electrical work, and an archaic boiler, Kristin had her work cut out for her. But with a patient, positive attitude, she tackled each problem one at a time, and brought her old house efficiently into the 21st century.

A new, efficient condo

As Kristin has now moved into a newly built and very energy efficient condo, she hasn't had to worry about things like insulation or water heaters. However, she has brought a few of her old tricks with her.

She keeps her showers short, turns off unnecessary lights and remembers to unplug her unused chargers. Kristin has also replaced all the lights with energy efficient CFLs or LEDs, even though she did so with a slight reluctance.

"I like the bright white of the lights in the kitchen", says Kristin, "but elsewhere in the house I sometimes missed the warmth of incandescent light bulbs."

The solution? She has found efficient bulbs that now simulate the warmth of incandescents. Sticking to her principles on efficiency has not compromised comfort.

Conservation on the road

In her extensive travels, Kristin has seen both ends of the spectrum when it comes to sustainability. In places like Hamburg, Germany, Kristin noticed a lot of positive action and consciousness towards being green. However, in some of the less fortunate countries that she visited, lack of education and the daily struggle for survival has taken its toll on the sustainability movement.

The active and passionate concern for energy conservation and sustainability in Vancouver really makes Kristin feel proud about her home town and province.

"I live in such a beautiful city with so much greenery," she says, "that after my travels I now realize is so incredibly rare and precious."

Her favourite green thing

Kristin literally walked into a pair of new Team Power Smart contests when she agreed to do this story. Her response to a question about one contest – our new Team Power Smart Photo contest – provides the answer to the question necessary to answer a second contest, our monthly Team Power Smart contest that offers up a chance at a trip for two to Victoria.

The new photo contest asks Team Power Smart members to take a photo of something that represents their "favourite green thing", be it an energy-efficient product, some sort of eco-conscious behaviour, or a real cool, energy-efficient building. Asked what her favourite green thing is, she replied "to walk whenever possible."

She owns a small, fuel-efficient car, but prefers to leave it at home when walking is an option.

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