Clean deliveries coming soon to your doorstep

Welcoming the first 100 per cent electric delivery truck in Canada is Novex president Ken Johnston, Smith Electric Vehicles CEO Bryan Hansel, Offsetters VP Kari Grist, Minister of Small Business, Technology and Economic Development, Iain Black, Vancouver Assistant City Manager Sadhu Johnston and Novex CEO Robert Safrata.

By Posted by Simi Heer

The couriering of goods in Vancouver will be a little cleaner thanks to the arrival of two pure-electric delivery trucks.

The trucks – the first two 100 per cent electric-powered delivery trucks in Canada – are owned and will be operated by Vancouver’s Novex Delivery Solutions and signal a strong commitment by the company to green its fleet.

The new vehicles will result in Novex saving the equivalent of 58 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year – the equivalent of taking 12 cars off the road.

The trucks are manufactured by Smith Electric Vehicles and look like regular trucks but don’t sound like them. The trucks are very quiet, and of course, have very low-emissions. The trucks will minimize noise pollution as early morning deliveries to hospitals and universities in residential areas will now be much quieter.

At BC Hydro, we are proud to partner with early innovators like Novex and have supported their efforts to get electric delivery trucks to B.C. The company has also installed a fast-charging station at their facility.
Congratulations to Novex for taking leadership in this area. Bryan Hansel, CEO of Smith Electric put it best when he said, “It takes more than technology to create change. It takes visionary leaders to take the required steps to action.”