Adera's "Green" development lives up to name

Adera is an award-winning development group that has lived up to its reputation by amassing numerous awards for home building – five Gold Georgies, a Platinum Georgie, and a Grand Sam in the last few years alone.

Working in conjunction with Power Smart and the Canadian Home Builders Association's BC Built Green program, Adera recently completed the first two buildings of "Green", a collection of one-, two-, and three-bedroom homes in South Burnaby.

Adera Green is a true development success story. By incorporating energy efficiency and green building practices, Green has added value for the homebuyer by being a development with a lower environmental impact, lower operating costs, increased energy efficiency and higher indoor air quality.

And that goes a long way to stand out in today’s market.

Although the relationship between Power Smart and Adera goes back to 2005, Green is unique in its energy efficiency and sustainable design in several ways.

A new standard for condos

From a technical standpoint, Green is the first multi-unit condominium development in B.C. to be tested under the EnerGuide MURB (Multi-Unit Residential Building) protocol for energy efficiency. The MURB protocol provides the condo buyer the same assurances of energy efficiency and design the detached home buyer would have.

Using a calibrated fan and door panel system, a blower door test is conducted to measure airflow rate and air changes per hour (ACH), according to EnerGuide standards. The calculated results form part of the evaluation to provide each building its EnerGuide certification and Power Smart Gold label (a rating of 80 or higher).

Normally a blower test is a straightforward procedure for the advisor. However, with the larger building size of Green, certified energy advisors e3ecogroup innovated with Adera site personnel to construct temporary partitions to enable more accurate air leakage testing of the multi unit building.

As with all Adera developments since 2005, ENERGY STAR labeled appliances, which use significantly less water and power than other appliances, have been installed in all units.

Another energy-efficient innovation is the installation of a solar-powered hot-water pre-heat to a central boiler system in each building, which reduces purchased energy requirements for municipal hot water.

Aesthetics and efficiency

In many multi-unit developments, parking takes up a significant amount of footprint. At Green, all parking has been created underground, and the lobby of each building is accessed through a uniquely designed entrance.

The underground area incorporates motion sensor controlled lighting and fixtures that maximize energy efficiency while minimizing the environmental impact above ground. This creates a seamless blend with the surrounding landscape.

Adera's cooperation and willingness to work with BC Hydro Power Smart and Built Green BC has resulted in a truly industry-leading development. By incorporating technologies and products that create greater energy efficiency and reduce pollution, and adhering to green building practices that result in a resource-efficient and environmentally friendly construction, Adera has built a higher quality, more comfortable home for the buyer.

Through its continued relationship with Power Smart and its commitment to Built Green, Adera Green sets itself apart from competing developments and adds marketing cache with its Built Green and Power Smart Gold marketing.

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