210,000 and beyond: What's up with Team Power Smart?

Rob Klovance

BC Hydro is sending out a big "Thank You" to British Columbians who have joined Team Power Smart and helped us hit the target of 210,000 members by the close of the 2010 Winter Games.

But with that thanks comes a reminder that it's the savings that matter – the key is to work toward the Team Power Smart member commitment to cut household electricity consumption by 10%. We all play a part in helping meet the BC Energy Plan goals of electricity self-sufficiency by 2016 and a reduction through conservation – by a whopping 50% – the expected increase in provincial electricity demand by 2020.

And, of course, cutting your electricity consumption will save you money. Meet that 10% target over 12 months and, if you've had a BC Hydro account at your current address for a year or more, you could earn a reward as a thank you for making that target. That's in addition to what you'll save on your monthly bill.

 Not a member? What you're missing

 Joining Team Power Smart gets you access to online consumption tracking tools, plus member-exclusive offers and contests that just keep getting better.

Did you hear about all those B.C. residents winning tickets from BC Hydro to events, including the gold medal men's hockey final, at the 2010 Winter Games? They won them by being members of Team Power Smart.

 And the contests keep coming. For April, our monthly Team Power Smart contest features a prize of a Ryan Kesler-autographed Vancouver Canucks jersey. It's a contest that's open to members new and old.

Members will also discover, upon logging into their accounts, a way to enter another contest – for tickets to Vancouver Canucks playoff games. But you're not going to learn about that contest here – you'll need to log in to your Team Power Smart account and check your Member Tool Box to access details.

Join Team Power Smart now or learn more about membership benefits at the following links:

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 Rob Klovance is managing editor of He estimates that he has saved more than $200 on his home electricity bills since joining Team Power Smart.