Two Power Smart offers aimed at large industrial customers

BC Hydro Key Account Manager Jeff Seto.

Would you like to receive funding for an additional resource to focus on energy management issues that can help your organization thrive and grow? Is there an energy-saving project you'd love to do, but that has landed short of business case approval?

Well, in case you haven't heard, BC Hydro Key Account Manager Jeff Seto has some good news: two enticing offers catering to BC Hydro's largest industrial customers.

One is a Power Smart offer, available in October and November only, to fund 100% of an Energy Manager position for two years. The offer will be available to both large and medium industry customers who spend greater than $500,000 annually on electricity.

The other is Power Smart's Premium Incentive Offer [PDF, 1.0 Mb], available only to Large Industrial (Transmission Rate) customers, that is essentially an additional financial incentive carrot to help you launch a major energy-efficiency project.

About the Energy Manager offer

BC Hydro currently offers to fund up to 75% of an Energy Manager's base salary. But the new offer hikes that funding to 100% when a Sustainable Energy Management Plan is delivered by that manager.

"We don't want to have a revolving door for this position," says Seto. "We want the customer to commit to an employee to dig deep into your organization to change the culture, change energy management and change how you even buy equipment. And we want that person there for two years."

As a key account manager for Catalyst Paper, Seto has seen how much an Energy Manager can benefit a large organization. In its first two years with an Energy Manager in place, Catalyst saved about $2.5 million a year in energy costs.

"I've been here about 15 years, and in the first 10 years, energy was just something we used," one Catalyst employee said in a video feature for "Now it's something we watch and monitor, and we're continually reducing [energy use]."

Seto says that, in some cases, the Energy Manager program can help customers retain a valuable employee uniquely suited to such a role.

"Through this program, the company supports the role and gives the employee an opportunity to meet with management, form energy management committees within an organization and to get buy-in," says Seto. "With BC Hydro's funding support, it builds the momentum, and hopefully, once the promotion is over, the customer can really realize the benefits of having an Energy Manager in place."

As part of the program, BC Hydro develops a scope of work for the energy manager and outlines milestones the Energy Manager must meet. Quarterly reports are submitted and, once approved by Power Smart Engineering, BC Hydro reimburses the customer for the Energy Manager's base salary.

"It used to be that, even if you had someone who was keen, they had to work on that energy management angle off the side of their desk," says Seto. "This offer allows the organization to maintain the focus on their core business, while reaping the benefits of an additional full time resource to address energy management issues that impact production and plant efficiency."

About the Premium Incentive Offer

This incentive has been developed by Power Smart to help Large Industrial (Transmission Rate) customers implement projects they normally would not green-light because they simply do not have the funding. With this offer, Power Smart provides as much as 100% of your project costs, up to a maximum of $500,000.

This incentive has been developed by Power Smart to help Transmission Rate customers implement projects they normally would not green-light because they simply do not have the funding. With this offer, Power Smart provides all the up-front funds.

The incentive is designed to be most attractive to customers who are challenged by access to capital, are seeking reduced cost of capital, or have eliminated most or all of their higher Tier II rate pricing in their energy bills – $74 per megawatt hour (MWh) – and require additional financial justification to eliminate Tier I pricing at $24/MWh.

"This is an excellent incentive for Transmission customers who have already eliminated their Tier II energy and are looking for ways to reduced their Tier 1 energy," says Seto.

For qualifying projects, BC Hydro will pay as much as 100% of project costs, up to a maximum of $500,000. The incentive is designed to cover the total cost of projects, including equipment, design, installation, disposal, and taxes.

For details on the program, including qualifying criteria, see the Premium Incentive Offer brochure [PDF, 1.0 MB].