Six new Team Power Smart members win 2010 tickets

Nanaimo's Jo-Ann Stone and family celebrate her win of 2010 Winter Olympics tickets. She won the tickets after joining Team Power Smart this summer.

The hot, dry summer made for ideal conditions for drying clothes outside, and three of the last six Team Power Smart 2010 Winter Games ticket package winners took full advantage.

Julie Stevenson of Victoria, David LaFrance of North Vancouver and Anita Hallewas of Revelstoke all joined Team Power Smart this summer, all had their names drawn for 2010 Winter Games ticket packages, and all made a point of saving energy and money by using the sun and wind to help dry their laundry.

And the other three winners? Well, let's just say they're all off to a running start as Team Power Smart members.

Urged by BC Hydro Community Outreach rep Lacey Williams to join Team Power Smart, Nanaimo's Jo-Ann Stone demanded a little something in exchange for commiting to cut her electricity use by 10%.

"I told her I would join if they could tell me one way to save energy and money that I didn't already know," said Jo-Ann, who met Lacey during the World Championship Bathtub Race held in Nanaimo in late July. "I signed up because a [BC Hydro Outreach] representative responded with a tip about putting a dry towel in with wet clothes in the dryer to soak up excess moisture and speed up the drying process."

A great tip led to an even greater result. Stone joined the team and later discovered that she was a 2010 Winter Games ticket package winner – a perfect fit for a woman so inspired by Olympians that she's known to give standing ovations in her living room.

Stone may be new to the team, but she's already more than a little Power Smart. She has a habit of putting on a sweater before turning up the heat, she insists that her two sons unplug their video game systems when they're not using them. And this fall, she plans to have weather stripping installed on her windows and doors.

What's the ticket contest about?

British Columbians are joining Team Power Smart, commiting to cutting their electricity consumption by 10% and helping the province reach our BC Energy Plan goal of electricity self-sufficiency by 2016. And when people join the Team, they get a chance at winning tickets to the 2010 Winter Games.

Team Power Smart has set a goal of 210,000 team members by the start of the 2010 Winter Games next February. By recruiting members at community events throughout the province, and by urging people to sign up online, we're now at 121,000 members and counting.

Delta winner ditching the old appliances

Until recently, Delta's David Samis was using a clothes dryer purchased during the 1960s. That all changed when he switched to an ENERGY STAR version, and now he's sold on energy-efficient appliances.

Next up for Samis is an ENERGY STAR refrigerator, a decision that became a slam dunk when he learned BC Hydro's Fridge Buy-Back program will haul away his old fridge and pay him $30. His BC Hydro bills have already been decreasing, but he's going to need that energy-efficient fridge and more – an adult son and daughter are both back in the house this fall.

Samis is another natural fit as a 2010 Winter Games ticket package winner. He had already been accepted as a Games volunteer – he'll be a host at the Pacific Coliseum, where figure skating and short track figure skating will be held in February. He's also an avid athlete who just competed in dragon boating at the BC Seniors Games in Richmond.

Phantom Power's not just a Hip album

Surrey's Chris Campbell signed up for Team Power Smart on July 1st during the Canada Day celebration at the Cloverdale Millennium Amphitheatre. He later won 2010 Winter Games tickets, but not before learning a thing or two about how he could add electricity conservation to his busy lifestyle.

Phantom Power was not only a 1998 full-length from The Tragically Hip. It's also the term to describe the power that's wasted when electronics are left plugged in. As part of his quest to meet the Team Power Smart goal of cutting his consumption (and costs) by 10%, Campbell has already started unplugging devices when not using them. He's also adjusting the temperature of his fridge.