Recycling event yields a tonne of old holiday light strings

December's holiday light string recycling initiative at Stanley Park gathered nearly a tonne of the inefficient strings.

Nearly a tonne of incandescent holiday light strings. More than $3,500 in donations to the BC Professional Firefighters' Burn Fund.

December's holiday light string recycling program, held as part of the annual Bright Nights at Stanley Park event, underlined that there are still a lot of energy-sucking incandescent light strings out there that have yet to be replaced by LED strings.

Thanks to a partnership between the Vancouver Park Board, BC Hydro and Waste Management, Lower Mainland residents were able to recycle 1,779 strings of incandescent holiday lights. And that added up to nearly a tonne, and a lot of saved electricity.

If each string of incandescent holiday lights was replaced with a string of energy-efficient holiday LED lights, the savings is estimated to be 33,580 kWh. This equates to enough energy to do 50,370 loads of laundry in front-loading clothes washers or 102,139 loads of dishes in a dishwasher (without a heat-dry cycle).

BC Hydro made a donation of $2 per string to the BC Professional Firefighters' Burn Fund. A total of $3,558 was donated.

Source: BC Hydro News