Lions Gate Bridge LED lighting to save $30,000 a year

Posted by Simi Heer

When you think of LED lights, you probably think Christmas lights. However, thanks to the energy efficiency of the technology, we continue to see new and innovative applications of LEDs.

For example, BC Hydro has partnered with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure to replace the existing lights on the Lions Gate Bridge with energy-efficient LEDs. Not only will the lights reduce electricity consumption by 90% but they will also last much longer – the new bulbs have a design life of 12 years, while the old bulbs only lasted three to four years.

The Province expects to save more than $30,000 in energy and maintenance costs thanks to this retrofit.

Beyond the electricity savings, the lights will also serve as a symbol of conservation to those who use the bridge every day. Innovation is key to conservation and as we keep finding new ways to use electricity, we must also find new ways to conserve.The lights will be high profile reminder of the fact that we all have a role to play in reducing electricity consumption to help meet our province's energy needs.

Media looking for more information on LED lights, their popularity in B.C. or other work we are doing to help make B.C. energy efficient, can give me a call.

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