Penalty box a hit with Team Power Smart winners

A pair of new Team Power Smart players arrived at GM Place on Sunday and were promptly directed to the penalty box.

They loved it.

“It rekindles your interest in the sport when you watch from there,” said a jubilant Tom Haney after he, wife Patti, son Sean and daughter-in-law Celeste all got the VIP treatment at the BC Hydro Power Smart-sponsored Vancouver Canucks open practice. “It was great to see the practice up close.”

The Canucks were in a good mood, coming off a 6-3 National Hockey League victory over the Edmonton Oilers. But the Haneys were arguably even happier. Their trip from Victoria to Vancouver, night at the Fairmont Waterfront hotel, meals and Canucks practice adventure were all part of the Team Power Smart early-bird contest prize package.

Rather than take the last piece of the Canucks prize pack, a hockey stick signed by the Canucks, Tom and Patti have asked to have it raffled off for charity.

Tom Haney won the prize pack after joining Team Power Smart and committing to a 10% reduction in his electricity consumption over the next year. And he can’t quite believe his luck – he initially went on to looking to switch to a paperless bill.

“I don’t think we’ve ever won anything before,” he said.

Saving electricity just makes sense

The Power Smart cause is an easy sell to Haney, who can’t quite understand why anyone would waste electricity when they so easily could turn down the heat or switch out a few incandescent light bulbs.

“It’s stupid to squander money like that,” he said. “We started saving [energy] a long time ago when we lived in Ontario.”

Before moving to North Vancouver with the RCMP in 1994, and then retiring in Victoria,  Tom and Patti experienced the high costs of heating a home in Ottawa. They cut those costs considerably by turning off the heat overnight and throwing a couple logs in an enclosed fireplace they had hooked up to their heating system. It was enough to keep the house warm all night.

Spending money to save money

Tom and Patti’s Victoria rancher is electrically-heated, and the couple has no qualms about turning the thermostat down overnight and when they’re not at home. He has installed two programmable thermostats to help maximize savings, and this summer he completed the household switch-over to energy efficient lighting by taking on his exterior lamps.

Given that he was already conservation minded, is there any chance he’ll cut a further 10% and meet the Team Power Smart goal?

“I think it’s certainly doable,” says Haney, who doesn’t expect his home’s consumption to ever reach the 1,350 kilowatt hour plateau over two months -  the level that would kick in a higher electricity charge under BC Hydro’s new two-step Conservation Rate.

Join Team Power Smart and win

Saving energy doesn't go unnoticed. Join Team Power Smart by committing to use 10% less electricity, and you'll enjoy exclusive Team Power Smart offers and rewards.

Sign up by October 31, and you could win a Vancouver 2010 Olympics prize package.

Learn more about the contest and about how to join Team Power Smart.




Source: BC Hydro News