Terrace to Kitimat Transmission Project

What's new

After careful study, we've confirmed that refurbishing the existing line will safely meet current and confirmed future electricity demand in the area at a lower cost than building a new line. We're rebuilding and reframing 26 structures and are installing taller structures to increase the capacity of the lines. This work is expected to finish in 2023.

If you're looking for information about Kitimat LNG – the project requiring a separate line from Terrace down to Kitimat – please refer to our Kitimat LNG Interconnection Study.

The 287 kilovolt transmission line between Terrace and Kitimat is an important one. Refurbishment of the existing line will restore the line to a rating where it can safely meet current and future known electricity demand.

We need to upgrade our infrastructure between Terrace and Kitimat to ensure that people in the region have access to reliable electricity.

This transmission line provides electricity to Kitimat, and connects the electricity system to existing industrial facilities in the area, including the Rio Tinto Alcan and its Kemano generating facility.

It's anticipated that the refurbishment would include the replacement of some structures and equipment. Some access upgrades and vegetation clearing may also be required to support the refurbishment.

Timing for refurbishment of the existing line has not yet been determined as we need to confirm its viability, consult with First Nations and stakeholders, and complete our design work.

Over the next few months, we'll continue to look at the viability of refurbishing the existing line.

We'll continue to keep you informed and provide more information as updates are available.

We want to thank and acknowledge the community for their time and effort invested in this project to date.

We will engage the community on the refurbishment so that First Nations and stakeholders understand the scope of the work and its impacts.

Reports & documents

Terrace to Kitimat Transmission Project Stakeholder Update [PDF, 45 KB]

Previous consultation materials on the new line alternatives are available upon request.


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