West Kamloops Substation

Meeting the demand in Kamloops

The demand for electricity is growing in the City of Kamloops due to economic development and population growth. The West Kamloops Substation is being constructed to provide an increased supply of clean, reliable electricity to the city.

Currently, Kamloops gets its electricity from the Douglas Substation on Douglas Road and Brocklehurst Substation on Parkcrest Avenue. Within a few years, these substations will not be able to reliably meet Kamloops' electricity demands.

We're building the new substation in southwest Kamloops in a light industrial area close to existing transmission and distribution lines. The planned in service date is fall 2018.

West Kamloops substation location map [PDF, 316 KB]

What's new

The two transformers that are the heart of the substation have arrived. They left the Fraser Surrey docks in the early morning hours and slowly made their way to the substation site in one day. The transformers each weigh approximately 58 000 kilograms and were delivered to the site on a 36 metre long trailer on separate days.

Transformer at West Kamloops Substation Project
Transformers step-down the power entering the substation so that it can be used by residents and businesses in Kamloops.