South Wellington Substation

Ensuring clean, reliable electricity for Nanaimo

The south area of Nanaimo is growing, and demand for electricity is increasing. The new South Wellington Substation, in addition to Harewood and Ladysmith substations, will increase the flexibility of the electricity system in the region.

What's happening

The new South Wellington Substation is being constructed to the north of Nanaimo River Road. The site was chosen for its proximity to existing transmission lines and its flat and stable foundation. The site is surrounded by active gravel mining operations and we expect it to have a low impact on the environment and the community.

Underground distribution lines will be installed from the new substation, along Nanaimo River Road to Island Highway.

Construction on the new substation should begin this fall. We expect it to be in service in spring 2016.

Consultation & approvals

This project will have an Environmental Management Plan and monitors will be overseeing certain construction activities to ensure compliance.

South Wellington area map