Surrey Area Substation

Surrey Substation

As Surrey grows, a substation is needed

Electricity needs in Surrey are expected to double over the next 30 years, and substations are required to get power to homes and businesses in a safe and reliable way.

New substation to help meet electricity demand

Surrey is growing and so is its demand for electricity. Long-term access to safe, reliable and fairly priced electricity is critical for our economy and the quality of life we enjoy.

To ensure that the electricity needs of our customers in Surrey continue to be reliably met, BC Hydro needs to build a new substation in the Fleetwood area.

The Surrey Area Substation Project is expected to cost $94 million.

Project background

Electricity needs in Surrey are expected to double over the next 30 years, and substations are required to get power to homes and businesses in a safe and reliable way.

Surrey's existing substations are aging and at capacity. Over that time equipment has been well maintained, but many components are reaching the end of their technical life.

At the same time, the increasing demand for electricity in the area has surpassed the capacity of  existing substations. After extensive consideration, a decision was made to make an additional investment in Surrey and build a new substation in Fleetwood.

BC Hydro carefully considers many options when building a new substation, including impact on surrounding neighbours, environmental considerations and proximity to existing lines. After taking these and other criteria into account the decision is to build a new substation in the Fleetwood area of Surrey.

What's being done

The Fleetwood Substation project involves construction of a new substation in Fleetwood off 156th Street.

The project includes:

  • An open-air facility that will hold two transformers
  • Substation protection and control equipment
  • Two new distribution feeder sections and associated electrical equipment.

The new substation will connect to the nearby 230-kilovolt transmission system. The transformers in the new substation will step down the electricity from 230 kilovolts to 25 kilovolts, allowing the electricity to be distributed by new and existing distribution lines to homes and business in the Fleetwood area.

See our Surrey Area Substation booklet [PDF, 4.0 MB] to view photos of the infrastructure at the substation.

Substation location

Siting a substation is challenging. Some of the criteria BC Hydro used to site the Surrey Area Substation are:

Optimal site
Property must be big enough and the right shape A square or rectangular lot varies by station.
Meets BC Hydro reliability standards Site must be elevated above 1:200 year flood level as defined by Ministry of Environment.
Proximity to existing transmission line(s) The closer the site is to the existing transmission lines, the fewer new structures will need to be constructed to connect the transmission system to the substation.
Visual screening Limited visibility of equipment wherever possible
Nearby land uses The site should also be close to the "load" – the customers using the power.
Environment Site where environmental impacts can be mitigated.
Cost The cost of the site and of project development must respect BC Hydro's obligation to keep impact on ratepayers low.


Construction schedule

Schedule Date (subject to change)
Site preparation January - July 2014
Substation work
July 2014 - August 2015
Commissioning and testing
July - October 2015
Planned in service date Spring 2016

Hours of construction work will comply with City of Surrey bylaws. However, unexpected conditions may result in extended work shifts.

Surrey Area Substation Map