Silverdale Substation


Securing Mission's electricity supply

Mission is currently being served by one substation which soon will no longer meet the electricity needs of the growing community. The new Silverdale Substation ensures we meet the electricity needs of customers now and well into the future.

Project background

To address the growing demand for electricity in the District of Mission, BC Hydro is planning construction of the Silverdale Substation Project. Mission is currently being served by one substation, the Mission Substation.

The distribution lines from the Mission Substation that deliver electricity to homes and businesses are reaching capacity. Within the next few years, the Mission Substation will no longer reliably meet the electricity demands of the growing community. The Silverdale Substation will serve the electrical needs of the District of Mission well into the future.

What's being done

The Silverdale Substation Project will involve the construction of a new substation at Silverdale Avenue in the District of Mission. The project also includes two 69 kilovolt (kV) transmission lines that will bring electricity to the substation from an existing transmission line approximately 600 metres to the south of the proposed site.

The image shows a rendering of what the new substation may look like.
Figure 1: Illustration of Silverdale Substation

The new substation will include an enclosed control building, enclosed switchgear building and open air transformers. We have also been working on designs and features to address visual aesthetics of the substation such as architectural treatments on the buildings, planting vegetation as a natural screen to the substation, and transmission line structures that will blend with the existing landscape. The image (see Figure 1) shows a rendering of what the new substation may look like.

An Environmental Management Plan (EMP) will be completed for the project and environmental monitors will be on-site monitoring construction activities during critical periods ensuring compliance with the EMP.

Substation location

The new Silverdale substation site was chosen because it is located above the flood plain and close to the transmission lines that supply power to the district. It is also in close proximity to future load growth and will allow the re-balancing of distribution load from Mission Substation. It will not be visible from residential areas and can be well-screened from the surrounding area to limit visual impact. We are confident that the site selected will have a low impact on the environment and the community.

Stakeholder engagement

The goal of our public consultation activities is to provide information as well as to obtain input on the Silverdale Substation Project.

Since October 2010, we have had several meetings with the District of Mission council and staff; and, a presentation was made to the Salmon Valley Salmonoid Enhancement Society and Fraser Valley Wetlands Coalition in June 2011. We have also met with the Mission Golf Course.

We have met with the Salmon Valley Salmonid Enhancement Society, the Fraser Valley Watershed Coalition and the District of Mission to determine a site rehabilitation strategy that includes a planting plan to support important terrestrial habitat along the Silverdale wetlands.

We held a community information session for the Silverdale Substation Project on January 31, 2012. See the Information Centre for details that was presented at the community information session.

If you would like to learn more about the project, please contact:

Phone: 604 623 4472
Toll free: 1 866 647 3334
Fax: 604 623 3937

Electric and Magnetic Fields

As part of BC Hydro's commitment to addressing concerns about electric and magnetic fields (EMF), a typical magnetic field level profile [PDF, 341 KB] has been created for the Silverdale Substation Project. Visit to learn more.

Construction Schedule

Milestone Date
(subject to change)
Property acquisition October 2011
Site clearing
January 2013
Civil works, foundations start October 2013
Structural steel, equipment install start May 2014
Construction complete December 2014
In service date Spring 2016


Silverdale area map

Information Centre

Project updates and fact sheets

Document Title Date posted
Silverdale Substation - Community Information Session [PDF, 1.4 MB] February 2012


Other materials

Document Title Date posted
Silverdale Substation Perspective View [PDF, 351 KB] January 2012
Silverdale Substation Sections [PDF, 870 KB] January 2012
Silverdale Substation Views 1 and 2 [PDF, 646 KB] January 2012
Silverdale Substation Views 3 and 4 [PDF, 899 KB] January 2012
Silverdale Substation Views 5 and 6 [PDF, 819 KB] January 2012
Silverdale Substation Elevations North and South Views [PDF, 354 KB] January 2012
Silverdale Substation Elevations West and East Views [PDF, 399 KB] January 2012


Electric and magnetic fields

Document Title Date posted
Typical Magnetic Field Level Profile [PDF, 341 KB] January 2012


Maps, images and videos

Silverdale Project Map [PDF, 274 KB]
Silverdale Substation Site Map [PDF, 1.0 MB]