Mainwaring Substation

Maintaining reliability in East Vancouver

To continue to provide reliable electricity supply to over 60,000 homes and businesses in East Vancouver, we're upgrading the Mainwaring substation.

Substation location

Mainwaring Substation is located at 6450 Inverness Street at the intersection of Inverness Street and 47th Avenue. The closest major intersection is Knight Street and 49th Avenue.

Mainwaring Substation upgrade

What's happening

In our 2016 open house, we discussed expanding the substation fence and building two new 10-metre high buildings to house new indoor insulated switchgear equipment that distribute electricity to homes and businesses. As the project progressed, we determined that it is more complicated and costlier than previously estimated. In order to spread out costs in the best interest of our customers, we’ve decided to defer the less immediate work and focus, in the short-term, on those upgrades needed for the reliability of your electrical service.

Details of what we're building

We will:

  • Replace the existing telecommunication tower with a new telecommunication tower in a different location on the substation property
  • Replace two transformers with new transformers
  • Expand a portion of the east side substation fence by 10 metres on BC Hydro property to support the new station layout

The following will be delayed for a future project:

  • Build two 10-metre high buildings for indoor insulated switchgear equipment that distribute electricity to homes and businesses
  • Remove aging equipment after its function has been replaced by new equipment in the buildings

Construction timing

For phase 1 we are relocating and replacing the telecommunication tower. We expect to start the construction work during October 2017 and finish before end of 2017. The primary work is setting the new foundation for the radio tower in a new location to support future layout plans. Construction of the new telecommunication tower will take approximately two months.

Phase 2 construction work for the new transformers is expected to begin in summer 2019 and be completed in fall 2021. The construction schedule for the deferred portion will be determined at a later date as a new project.


Public Engagement

Thanks to all of you who attended our June 2016 open house and have provided feedback to us so far. As indicated above, we have since revised the project details. For more information, please see the Mainwaring Substation Upgrade Factsheet [PDF, 1.8 MB]

Keeping you informed is our priority. We will keep you updated throughout the planning, design and construction of the project. If you have questions or would like to share any feedback, you can email us or call 604 623 4472.

Information centre

Telecommunication Tower Notification Letter [PDF, 1.2 MB]      December 2016
Mainwaring Substation Upgrade Factsheet [PDF, 1.8 MB] September 2017
Construction Notification – Radio Tower [PDF, 53 KB] September 2017
Stakeholder Update - Geotechnical Work [PDF, 43, KB]
October 2017