Fernie Substation

Meeting the need for electricity and future growth in Fernie

To meet current needs for electricity and future growth in Fernie, we're upgrading our substation. Demand for electricity is increasing as B.C.'s population and economy grow. At the same time, our electricity system is getting older. That's why we're investing in the Fernie Substation.

The Fernie Substation was built in the early 1970s and is reaching capacity – that's the amount of electricity that a substation can transfer at any given time. It's old and needs upgrading with new technology and equipment. This will allow us to continue providing clean reliable power to the community - that's about 5,000 homes and businesses - now and in the future.

What's happening

We'll be expanding the existing Fernie Substation onto property we own on the north-west side of the substation.

Substations are the link between our transmission and distribution systems. The transmission system delivers power from where it is generated to the substations. The electricity voltage is reduced at the substations – through equipment called transformers – so we can deliver it through distribution lines for use in homes and businesses.

As part of the Fernie Substation upgrade, we'll:

  • Build a new control building and take down the old one
  • Replace one of the transformers
  • Add new equipment and improved technology
  • Install new security fencing
  • Change out the substation's old wood poles with new steel ones

Following consultation with the City of Fernie, including review and approval of the proposed substation aesthetics by their Design Review Panel, we'll be enhancing the look of the substation with landscaping and design accents consistent with Fernie's downtown heritage theme.


How we're keeping you informed

In April 2016, we held a public open house and met with community and business groups to make presentations and show our plans for the substation. See the Information centre for a copy of the presentation.

We'll continue to keep you notified about project activities and schedule. We also welcome your questions and comments.

Schedule and activities

Key steps Schedule (subject to change)
Announcement of project

Completed October 2013

Design of substation upgrade and project planning


Property purchase from City of Fernie for substation expansion

Completed July 2015

Community open house

Completed April 2016

Site clearing and preparation

Fall 2016

Construction start

Winter 2016/2017

Upgraded substation in service

Spring 2018

Completed landscaping

Summer 2018

Safety is our number one priority. We'll manage construction and site activities in order to minimize inconvenience to your community.

We've completed a number of environmental, geotechnical and archaeological studies. We'll work to avoid, minimize or mitigate environmental impacts. We’ll also develop a comprehensive environmental management plan to support the project and environmental monitoring will be done during construction.