East Vancouver Substation

We recently purchased a property in East Vancouver for a future East Vancouver substation to replace the existing Murrin Substation in Chinatown.

Vancouver’s downtown electrical infrastructure needs to be upgraded and expanded to meet future demand which is expected to grow by 75% over the next 30 years.

To ensure we can continue to deliver safe and reliable electricity to meet the growing demand, we reviewed a number of options – including rebuilding a new substation on the Murrin substation site.

After studying the options, we determined this isn’t a viable option because it sits on seismically unstable soil – and it’s technically not feasible and cost prohibitive to seismically upgrade the site to appropriate levels.

Given the uncertainty associated with purchasing a large piece of land in Vancouver, and the rapid increase in land costs, acquiring a site now for the East Vancouver substation is in the best interest of our customers.  

Replacing an aging asset

Murrin substation, located in Chinatown, was built in 1947. The substation is reaching end-of-life and needs to be replaced. Over the years, the primary need for electricity supply has also shifted away from the Murrin site, to the east as far as Nanaimo Street.

Murrin substation is currently expected to be decommissioned around 2030.