Capilano Substation

Meeting demand in North Vancouver

To meet the growing demand for electricity in North Vancouver, we're upgrading the Capilano substation located on Woods Drive at Pemberton Avenue.

This substation was built in the early 1950's. Upgrades to the substation and power lines that connect it to the electrical system will ensure continued clean and reliable power to 12,000 homes and businesses in the area.

What is Capilano Substation?

Capilano Substation is a set of electrical equipment built in 1950s that takes electricity at higher voltages (60kV) and converts it to a lower voltage to supply power to homes and businesses in the neighbourhood. This type of substation is called a distribution substation as it converts power from transmission voltage levels to distribution voltage levels.

There are approximately 12,000 customers currently being served by Capilano Substation. This number is expected to grow as density in the area increases. The service area currently supplied by Capilano Substation extends north of 1st Street, west to Capilano Road, and east to St. George's Avenue.

Our electricity system

Substation location

Capilano Substation is located on Woods Drive at Pemberton Avenue, just north of Highway 1 in North Vancouver.

Capilano Substation Upgrade Project map

What's happening

On the west side of the substation, we'll remove and replace the existing substation building and outdoor equipment as part of this upgrade.

The new substation will include:

  • two outdoor transformers;
  • a building for indoor electrical equipment and a control room; and
  • steel support structures to support the new and existing power lines; and
  • other associated outdoor electrical equipment in the substation yard.

The east side of the substation will remain operational during construction to continue to provide a reliable supply of electricity to nearby homes and businesses.

What's new

We're committed to keeping the local residents and business informed about project activities. We're planning to host a project information meeting in the community in early summer 2018.

If you would like to be on our project update email list, please send an email with "Capilano Substation Project" in the subject line.

Schedule and activities

We are currently in the planning and design phase of the project. A schedule of activities will be available in 2018 once we have refined our plans.

Our planned operational date is 2022. We estimate that construction work will begin approximately 3 years in advance.

Information Centre

Project introduction letter [PDF, 245 KB] May 2016