Spillway Gate Improvements at Duncan Dam and Hugh Keenleyside Dam

Spillway gates at Hugh Keenleyside Dam in Castlegar

Duncan Dam and Hugh L. Keenleyside Dam

The Spillway Gate Reliability Upgrade Program was created to put in place the equipment and procedural improvements needed to ensure that the spillway gates at all BC Hydro sites can operate reliably as needed.

Spillway gates, critical components of dams

Spillway gates in BC Hydro dams act as movable water barriers, impounding and controlling the amount of water that can be discharged from the reservoir. These gates are critical components of any dam and are generally used in times of flood when high inflows exceed the ability of generating units to use all of the water.

Improvements at Duncan Dam

The Duncan Dam Spillway Gates Reliability Upgrade Project is now complete and all gates are operational.

The upgrades to this facility included a combination of replacement, refurbishment, and the addition of new equipment at the spillway and low level outlet gates. These upgrades will enhance our ability to safely manage flood waters at Duncan Dam and will help to accurately and consistently maintain the flow requirements of the Duncan Dam Water Use Plan.

Improvements at Hugh L. Keenleyside Dam

The Hugh L. Keenleyside Dam Project will replace, refurbish, and add new equipment on the spillway and low-level outlet gates. The scope of work includes upgrading the mechanical components, electrical power systems and the protection and control systems at the facility.

All these upgrades enhance our ability to safely manage flood waters downstream of the dam, protecting both the dam and downstream communities.

We've identified opportunities for additional improvements to the spillway gates and the supporting infrastructure. To achieve these improvements, we'll extend the project beyond its initial completion date. The extended timeline for this project will contribute an additional $575,000 into the local community.

These additional improvements will provide a safer working environment for employees and will ensure the long-term reliability of the spillway gates over the next 40 years at the facility.

Work on the project will now continue until March 2016, with the final commissioning of the project scheduled for April 2016.

Benefits to the local community

This project continues to bring significant benefits to the local community. An estimated $115,000 per month is being spent locally by sourcing products and services in the Castlegar and surrounding area whenever possible. As the extended timeline for this project will contribute an additional $575,000 locally, the total community economic benefit over the course of the project is now estimated at $8.1 million.

Locally-sourced products and services for this project include:

  • Machining works and the fabrication of tools
  • Office supplies
  • Accommodation
  • Equipment rentals
  • Safety and environmental protection equipment and services.

Access across dam closed to all traffic

Please be advised that in order to ensure the safety of the public, employees and contractors, access across the dam will continue to be closed to all traffic for the duration of the Spillway Gates Upgrade Project. This closure is necessary due to the mechanics of the dam deck and its proximity to the project worksite and our crews.

Access to the navigational lock will remain open through the south entrance, except during navigational lock outages.