Ruskin Dam & Powerhouse Upgrade



The Ruskin Dam and Powerhouse are located in Mission, about 60 km east of Vancouver, on the Stave River.

Road closures

  • Hayward Street over Ruskin Dam, west of the Ruskin recreation site, is closed to all vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians.
  • Hayward Street north of Keystone Avenue to Ruskin Dam is closed. Local traffic is allowed through.
  • Wilson Street northbound lane is closed. Wilson Street will be alternating single-lane traffic in the southbound lane.

Parking impacts on site

The Lower Railway parking lot northwest of Ruskin Dam is closed. The Upper Railway Trail parking lot is still open.

Additional parking is available at the Hayward Lake Reservoir Trail parking lot south of the Stave Falls Powerhouse Visitor Centre parking.

  • Ruskin recreation and picnic site is closed as it's being used for part of the construction work.
  • While the Hayward Street crossing of Ruskin Dam is closed, the Loop Trail around the Hayward Lake Reservoir won't be a complete loop.
  • Reservoir Trail will be closed from Ruskin Dam to Hairsine Inlet. During construction, you can access the trail from the parking lot east of Blind Slough Dam at Stave Falls.
  • The Railway Trail can be accessed from the Upper Railway parking lot or from the Hayward Lake Reservoir recreation area.
  • The floating bridge across Hairsine Inlet will remain closed while we investigate options to reconnect the trail.

Construction started in 2012, and the facility was placed into service in early 2018. Project completion is planned for Spring 2019.

Activity Timing
Seismic upgrades of the right bank Completed 2013
Seismic upgrades of the powerhouse Completed 2013
Dam upgrades (including new piers and spillway gates)
Completed 2018
Replacing powerhouse equipment Completed 2018
Relocation of the switchyard Completed 2017
Upgrade turbines and generators Completed 2018
Install new control room equipment Completed 2018
Restore trails including the Hairsine Inlet floating bridge
Restore 2-way traffic on Wilson Street at the dam
Completed 2018
New 2-lane road over dam Completed 2019
Restore recreation sites Target July 1, 2019
Project completion Target Spring 2019

Upgrading the dam and powerhouse has four key parts:

  • Reinforcing the west bank: The right bank of the dam will be reinforced with a specially-designed cut-off wall which will control and manage seepage.
  • Dam upgrades: installing six new piers and five new spillway gates, constructed to withstand a significant earthquake. A two-lane road and pedestrian walkway will be constructed on top of the dam.
  • Powerhouse update: The building will get a seismic upgrade, the aging equipment will be replaced, and the heritage facade will be restored.
  • Switchyard relocation: A new switchyard will be built on the east bank, behind the powerhouse.

The construction work will be contained to the dam site, and we're working to mitigate dust and traffic impacts to local residents.

Restoring the project site has three key parts:

  • Building a two-lane road overtop of the dam
  • Restoring trail access
  • Restoring the Lower Railway Trail parking lot and the Ruskin picnic area.

All work will be completed in 2019.

The project has a budget of $748 million, and is scheduled to be complete in 2018 within this budget.

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