Ruskin Dam & Powerhouse Upgrade



The Ruskin Dam and Powerhouse are located in Mission, about 60 km east of Vancouver, on the Stave River.

A full loop of the Reservoir Trail is not available as the floating bridge across Hairsine Inlet will remain closed while we investigate options to reconnect the trail.

Construction started in 2012 to upgrade the dam and powerhouse. There were four key parts to the project:

  • Reinforcement of the west bank: The right bank of the dam was reinforced with a specially-designed cut-off wall which controls and manages seepage.
  • Dam upgrades: Six new piers and five new spillway gates were installed. These were constructed to withstand a significant earthquake. A two-lane road and pedestrian walkway was constructed on top of the dam
  • Powerhouse updates: The building was seismically upgraded, aging equipment was replaced, and the heritage facade was restored.
  • Switchyard relocation: A new switchyard was built on the east bank, behind the powerhouse.

Restoration of the project site included a new two-lane road overtop of the dam and restoration of trail access, the Lower Railway Trail parking lot and the Ruskin picnic area. 

A separate project is underway to investigate options to rebuild the floating bridge across Hairsine Inlet. 

All work was completed in 2019.

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