NTL: What's happening

Image of transmission towers ready to be erected

Bringing reliable, clean energy to a new part of B.C.

The Northwest Transmission Line (NTL) extends BC Hydro's transmission service from Skeena Substation, near Terrace, to Bob Quinn Lake, 344 kilometres away. With the construction of the line and of a new substation, this region of northwest B.C. will have access to the clean, reliable hydroelectric power of the B.C. grid for the first time.

What we've built

  • A new 287 kilovolt (kv) transmission line, starting at Skeena Substation (near Terrace) that goes about 344 kilometres to Bob Quinn Lake
  • A new substation near Bob Quinn Lake
  • Additional equipment at Skeena Substation to support the new line

NTL costs and funding

A large part of the NTL project costs will be recovered as follows:

  • The federal government has committed $130 million from the Federal Green Infrastructure Fund
  • AltaGas, whose Forrest Kerr run-of-river generating project will be the first to connect to the NTL, is contributing $180 million to the project costs

The estimated ratepayer contribution to the NTL is expected to be offset by contributions from future clean, renewable energy projects and mine developments that will connect to the NTL. This comes about under Tariff Supplement 37 [PDF, 181 KB], approved by the B.C. Utilities Commission on April 10, 2013.