NTL: Why it's important

Image of Northwest Transmission Line under construction

Attracting and supporting new industrial growth

Delivering clean, reliable power to a part of B.C. that's never had access to the grid is just one benefit of the Northwest Transmission Line (NTL). The NTL will also create incredible industrial potential and with that comes economic growth – and jobs.

New industry creates wide-ranging economic benefits

In northwest B.C., the lack of grid power was viewed by many as a barrier to economic growth. By providing a secure interconnection point to the grid, the NTL will attract new industrial developments, such as mines. And these mines will support overall economic development by providing jobs, and encouraging the development of support services, like retail.

Delivering clean energy and reducing fossil fuel emissions

By extending the BC Hydro transmission system into northwest B.C., the NTL will also:

  • Provide clean electricity so that new industrial developments in the region, like mines, won’t have to rely on fossil fuel for their electricity needs.
  • Provide a connection point to the electricity grid for new sources of clean electricity developed by independent power producers (IPPs).
  • Facilitate connecting the community of Iskut, which relies on diesel generation, to the grid helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This will be done as a separate project, the Iskut Extension Project.