NTL: Procurement and supplier opportunities

Image of helicopter over Northwest Transmission Line Project

Design-build contract

The team of Valard Construction and Burns & McDonnell (VBM) designed and constructed the NTL transmission line and was also responsible for related procurement. VBM is also responsible for restoration work. This involves revegetating and restoring temporarily disturbed areas in a manner that is both environmentally sound and is also consistent with the safe and reliable operation of the transmission line. For example, the right of way will be graded and seeded, to encourage low growing plant species establishing in the area. As well, we are reviewing the construction access roads built for the project to determine which will be kept and which will be decommissioned. Restoration work will be done on decommissioned roads, to get them back to a more natural condition.

Substation construction contract

Using BC Hydro designs, F&M Installations (FMI) from Nanaimo upgraded Skeena Substation, near Terrace, and constructed the new Bob Quinn Substation at the north end of NTL.

Other contracts

  • Golder Associates is providing Environmental Program Management Services, overseeing, tracking, and reporting on compliance with the Environmental Assessment Certificate and environmental permits and any other approvals issued for the project.
  • Hatch is providing Construction Program Management Services, acting as our representative to oversee design, construction and restoration work, and to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, the terms of contract agreements and the quality and performance objectives of the project.