MNT: Coquitlam

Meridian Substation in Coquitlam.
Meridian Substation in Coquitlam.

Our preliminary design has the additional 1 km long 230 kilovolt (kV) power line on approximately seven steel, H-frame structures starting at Meridian Substation. The power line would be within an existing right-of-way, which currently contains four power lines that have been in place since the early 1970s. We would need to remove some trees between existing lines to ensure the safety and reliability of the additional transmission line. Our priority is to minimize the amount of clearing required. Work is ongoing to determine the design and placement of the structures for safety and reliability of the new line.

See the photo metric satellite map [PDF, 6.1 MB] of routing under study in Coquitlam.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Trees will be removed to ensure the safety and security of this additional line. Studies are underway to determine how many trees will need to be removed in this area.

See the Rights-of-way and corridors page for more information.

An environmental socio-economic assessment is underway to study terrestrial ecology, aquatic ecology, species-at risk, air quality, acoustic environment, contaminated sites, socio-economic, land use and recreation, visual aesthetics, and, archaeological and heritage resources. A Construction Environmental Management Plan with mitigation requirements and Best Management Practices will be developed prior to construction.

The new structures will be similar to the wood H-frame structures already in place in this right-of-way. Although the topography of the area varies, the average tower height will be approximately 21 metres.