MNT: Why it's important

Meeting growing electricity demand in Metro Vancouver

The demand for electricity in Metro Vancouver is growing. In order to meet this demand, we need to transport additional power coming into the regional grid. But there are some challenges within the existing regional transmission system:

  • Existing circuits are reaching capacity;
  • The underground circuit that has the largest capacity is aging;
  • Our current transmission system is at its limit and without these improvements the network faces reduced service reliability. Under certain conditions this reduced reliability could mean outages for the equivalent of 30,000 homes and businesses and service interruption for the equivalent of 90,000 homes and businesses.

Adding additional transmission lines to the regional transmission system is the most cost-effective solution to address increasing electricity demand in Metro Vancouver. New transmission will also increase electrical transmission capacity and strengthen the reliability of the Metro Vancouver electricity network.

It will benefit residential and business customers by supporting growth, reducing the risk of overloading aging cables, and facilitating redistribution of electricity in the event of circuit outages.

The Metro North Transmission Project is part of a long-term strategy to meet load growth and ensure reliability of the transmission network for the Metro Vancouver area.